Interactive Map: Shootings involving Las Vegas valley officers in 2018

Police in the Las Vegas valley have been involved in several shootings in 2018.

An armed robbery suspect was shot on June 14 near Radwick Drive and Owens Avenue

A robbery suspect was shot by Officer Joseph Emery as he attempted to flee from Las Vegas police near Blue Diamond Road and Valley View Boulevard on June 9.

A woman reportedly armed with a shovel was shot by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Ondre Wills on May 12 at the 3400 block of Big Sur Drive, near Desert Inn Road and Nellis Boulevard.

North Las Vegas police Officer Brian Thomas shot Antonio Aquino during a barricade situation in the 4200 block of Galapagos Avenue in North Las Vegas on April 6.

Officers Francisco Rivera and Padilla Mills fatally shot Junior David Lopez, who was armed with a gun, at the intersection of Madge Lane and Mabel Road in Las Vegas on April 6

Officers Rafael Camacho and Kenshin Rose fatally shot Christopher Gatewood in the 2000 block of Paradise Road in Las Vegas on March 29 after police said he refused to drop a knife. 

Officer Marcus Martin shot Alan Keith Baker in the 3300 block of Lingo Street in Las Vegas on Feb. 6. Body-camera video showed two shots that Martin fired and the sound of Baker shooting himself in the head after retreating from police. 

Officer Bryan Davila shot Justin Blake in the 1800 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas after police said he was waving a weapon at officers on Jan. 26

Officers Celina Cruz and Anthony Raymond fatally shot Axell Vivas at 11636 Elcadore Street in Las Vegas after police said he shot and killed his wife on Jan. 26

This is an ongoing list and will continue to be updated. 

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