UPDATE: Witnesses describe woman's shovel attack before she was shot

UPDATE MAY 16: An arrest report reveals new information on what witnesses saw before the shooting happened near Desert Inn Road and Nellis Boulevard on May 12.

According to the report, the incident started when a woman, who has not yet been identified, approached a family in front of their residence. She asked them for cigarettes or a lighter, and they responded by saying they weren't able to help her.

The woman, who had a frying pan and a square shovel with a broken handle, held the pan inches away from one resident's face and began to threaten the resident and their children if they did not cooperate. She eventually moved on down the street.

After moving on to another home, the woman kissed another resident on the shoulder. After a verbal confrontation, the resident went inside to call 911.

A security guard arrived, and after he asked the woman if she was okay, the woman held the shovel in both hands and raised it above her head.

The woman chased the security guard with the shovel, though at one point stopped to hit a resident's vehicle multiple times with the shovel.

When Officer Ondre Wills arrived, he witnessed the woman chasing the security guard and the resident who called 911. He instructed the resident to stay inside the patrol car. That's when the events outlined in the previous story below occurred.

According to the arrest report, the woman allegedly tried to bite another police officer who was applying a tourniquet to her right arm.

The woman faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon, tamper injury to a vehicle, and battery on a protected person for trying to bite an officer.

UPDATE MAY 15 3:15 P.M.: Assistant Sheriff Brett Zimmerman discussed the events that led to an officer shooting a woman who was allegedly armed with a shovel on May 12.

Body cam footage showed the officer involved in the incident warning the woman to put down the weapon several times. She then approaches what the sheriff says was a victim and that is when the officer fires his weapon. The shooting itself was not shown during the press conference.

Sheriff Zimmerman said that the woman welding the shovel was struck several times and they confirmed that she suffered wounds to the arm, leg, and abdomen.

They haven't received a toxicology report at this time but the woman did have previous drug charges, according to the sheriff.

UPDATE MAY 15: The officer involved in the shooting has been identified as 23-year-old Ondre Wills. He has been with the department since May 2016.


A Las Vegas police officer shot a woman who was allegedly armed with a shovel in the 3400 block of Big Sur Drive, near Desert Inn Road and Nellis Boulevard.

Police received a call about a woman that was threatening neighbors around 10:16 p.m. Saturday.

An officer arrived at the scene and reportedly saw a woman armed with a shovel chasing around a security guard and a civilian.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says the officer got between the woman and the victims and told her to drop the shovel several times. When the woman began to advance towards a citizen, the officer fired multiple rounds, striking the woman.

INTERACTIVE MAP: Shootings involving Las Vegas valley officers in 2018

The woman was taken to the hospital. She was seriously hurt but is in stable condition.

This is the sixth shooting involving an LVMPD officer in 2018. The identity of the officer involved will be released after 48 hours.

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