The heat is here. We have tips on how to overcome Las Vegas weather

Vegas Visitors Travel Tips
Posted at 5:09 PM, May 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-23 14:57:02-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — We all know Las Vegas can get really, really, hot. Both locals and tourists can get dehydrated and over exhausted from the heat.

The hundred degree heat in the valley can be tiresome. To prepare, 13 Action News covered stories to help your home AC, to car troubles from the heat.


  • An AAA spokesperson spoke to 13 Action News regarding car safety in the heat.
    • "There are more of us who are driving less than we used to. So, it is important to do things when it starts getting very hot. We say make the safe bet - check on your tires, your engine, and battery," said Sergio Avila, AAA Nevada spokesperson. Read more here.
  • With such extreme heat in Las Vegas, touching the steering wheel of a car can feel like your hands are burning, which is exactly what can happen to the outside of the vehicle. Maintenance is especially important if you haven't been taking care of your car during the pandemic.
    • Sergio Avila with AAA in Nevada says a simple routine vehicle check before hitting the road, including checking your tire pressure, could make all the difference. Read more here.


What you eat when it is extremely hot outside can definitely make a difference in how you feel. On average, a human body obtains 20% of the water it needs from foods eaten during the day. Food can also make you feel hotter or cooler depending on what it is. Read more here.


Everything is costing more these days, including gas. That, and more, can put a strain on summer plans this year. With that in mind, 13 Action News has a look at a few budget friendly getaway spots, just outside Las Vegas. Read more here.


13 Action News Anchor Dave Courvoisier spoke with a local expert about saving money on your air conditioning. Read more here.