Newly released video shows aftermath of hit-and-run crash involving Damon Arnette

Posted at 8:58 PM, Apr 11, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-11 23:58:35-04

HENDERSON (KTNV) — Police in Henderson are releasing body camera video about a year and a half after they say former Las Vegas Raider Damon Arnette was involved in a hit-and-run crash.

Police say Arnette's friends tried to make it seem like someone else was driving the car.

Confusion at the crash site near Raiders headquarters in Henderson is evident in the video obtained by 13 Action News on Monday.

"And we believe that Damon Arnette was the driver?" one officer says in the video.
"Unknown..." another officer responds.

Police say the man behind the wheel in the video is not who was driving during the crash. Damon Arnette, who was still on the Raiders' roster at the time, was the driver, they said.

The video shows another man talking to police, apparently trying to keep Arnette out of trouble. He's the brother of another former Raider, Henry Ruggs III.

"Just for the purposes of this right here, can you please not put that he was in an accident in the paperwork," Ruggs' brother says. "Just because he's in the league, and the way media is today, they're going to make it look like he was driving and they're probably going to make it seem like it was a DUI."

"Well, we have a witness that says that he was driving," one of the Henderson police officers replies.

According to the video, a person who knew the woman who was hit told officers that someone else hopped in the driver's seat and tried to take the blame after the crash.

"A couple of guys came in a car; they switched seats," the witness says. "The guy who was driving left, and this guy was in there. He said, 'I can take the blame for this accident because I can't let my brother take this.'"

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Arnette later admitted that he was, in fact, driving the car during the crash. He was cited for failure to stay at the scene of a crash and improper lane change — both misdemeanors.

A few months later, Arnette was released from the Raiders roster after he made death threats on social media. He was picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs, who later released him after he was arrested in January in an unrelated case.