Sandra Douglass Morgan on her new appointment as Las Vegas Raiders' president

Posted at 3:13 PM, Jul 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-14 12:15:12-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Last week, the Las Vegas Raiders announced their new president, Sandra Douglass Morgan.


In an interview with ABC's Amy Robach on Good Morning America — one of her first interviews since her appointment — she talks about her life as a native in Las Vegas, and how she's looking forward to this upcoming season.

"It feels amazing. It's really a dream come true, and I just really can't wait to dig in, get to know the people, the Raider Nation, and do what we can in the front office to support the team," Douglass Morgan said.

Many Raider Nation members and fans have taken to Twitter to congratulate Douglass Morgan on her new role, including Raiders player Maxx Crosby, and the Raiders organization.

Douglass Morgan tweeted Tuesday showing her gratitude by saying, "I am deeply grateful for the outpouring of support and positive messages. Thank you #RaiderNation!"

She says her new role hits home as she was raised in Las Vegas.

"Being a native and being able to continue to lead this team in the future is just really a dream come true and honestly, one that would not have been available, you know, five, 10 years ago," she told Robach.

The Raiders' new president has been shaking things up professionally for most of her career, accumulating a number of distinguished accomplishments. Prior to assuming her role with the Raiders, Douglass Morgan was Nevada's first Black city attorney, serving in that role for the City of North Las Vegas, and the first Black woman to chair the Nevada Gaming Control Board.

She says success is all about keeping a positive outlook.

"I think what the Raiders bring that is kind of in-line with my personality, that grit, that desire just to keep going forward and pushing ahead, even though there's difficult situations or hurdles in your way," said Douglass Morgan. "I think that that perseverance has really allowed me to break barriers."

"I'm just really, really lucky to have this opportunity and hopefully open doors for many other women, and women of color in leadership roles in sports," she added.

With the 2022-23 NFL season approaching, Douglass Morgan says she's already working diligently to prepare for what's to come this year.

"I mean, the buzz around the building with training camp coming up, you know, we have a new coach, a new general manager...obviously, players that have signed and re-signed and extended agreements, so we are just so looking forward, again, to having the front office support, the commitment to excellence that we see on the field every day," Douglass Morgan said. "I just can't wait to have this new season and a full stadium at Allegiant Stadium. Our fans are the best. Our employees are the best. We're ready to go and ready to kick it off."