Get to know Vegas Knight Hawks head coach Mike Davis

Mike Davis
Posted at 8:52 AM, Mar 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-23 22:50:25-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Vegas Knight Hawks are off to a 1-0 start after winning the franchise's inaugural game. Get to know head coach Mike Davis as he walked 50 yards with sports reporter Tina Nguyen.

Tina Nguyen: We're hanging out here at the Dollar Loan Center with the Vegas Knight Hawks head coach Mike Davis. Coach, this is the inaugural season for the Knight Hawks. How are you feeling heading into this first game?

Mike Davis: Excited, you know, it's it's a long time coming, just kind of waiting to get everything kind of put together and see displays packed and rocking. I expect that atmosphere to be electric.

Nguyen: You are the first general manager and head coach for this franchise. What does it mean to you to get to be a part of something like this, to kick-start all of this?

Davis: I mean, it's humbling, you know, you kind of pinch yourself every day. To be a part of the sports community in Vegas is great, you know, obviously to be a part of the Foley Entertainment Group with the Golden Knights and the Silver Knights and, you know, with the Raiders and the Aces and the Aviators, and everybody else, it's fantastic.

Nguyen: In terms of out the Indoor Football League, what makes this league so unique?

Davis: Just the fast pace. You know, it's nonstop action, you don't have to worry about the rules and things like that. It's only 50 yards. So the guys kind of moving up and down the field, you know, we want to keep the fans engaged. The benefit is there's a running clock, so you don't have to worry about, you know, taking the four-hour games or anything like that.

Nguyen: You've been in Vegas for a couple months now, what are your impressions of the town?

Davis: We love it. You gotta love the warm weather. It's the smallest big town you'll ever see. Everybody knows everybody. I've met a lot of good people, and you got to love the weather.

Nguyen: What are some of your favorite things to do in town? Have you found a favorite place to eat?

Davis: I'm a foodie. My wife and I, we kind of venture out and try new spots every time we're here. So that's, you know, I don't really say I have a favorite yet. I have a lot of quality places. I'm an avid golfer, so I love to get out and just to relax. Obviously, you don't need to play mostly in football season. But after that, you know, it's relaxing for me.

Nguyen: My last question for you is for people who are curious about the Indoor Football League. What can they expect when they come to a game here?

Davis: It’s a party. Literally, it's a party where a football game breaks out. Obviously we want to win football games and that's what we're here for, but the entertainment factor is also there, and I think that's one of the biggest things. I mean, every place you go in Vegas, it's about the entertainment side of it.

The Knight Hawks will face the Tuscon Sugar Skulls on Sunday. Kickoff is at 3:05 p.m.