Raiders release parking fees, tailgating fans have options for up to $250

Allegiant Stadium reached 'substantial completion' on July 31, 2020
Allegiant Stadium reached 'substantial completion' on July 31, 2020
Allegiant Stadium reached 'substantial completion' on July 31, 2020
Posted at 9:05 PM, Jun 03, 2021
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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Las Vegas Raiders have announced their parking plan for Allegiant Stadium which includes many options but the closer you get to the stadium the more expensive the parking price, up to $250.

The organization says their pricing, which averages $75, is in line with parking fees within the rest of the National Football League.

“I think they’re going to be surprised by how affordable the parking is, they are willing to pay substantially more, certainly to park closer and adjacent to the stadium," said Marc Badain, president of the Las Vegas Raiders.

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On Thursday, Badain says recent surveys of potential game-day fans indicate they will be arriving in several methods including rideshares, buses, walking and tailgating.

“We have surveyed our fans and we anticipate having a good chunk of the fan base going down and starting their day on the Strip, going to the game and then ending their day on the Strip," explained Badain.

Badain says a key part of the fan experience is the ability to tailgate close to the facility.

As of the most recent parking plan, the Raiders have control over 12,000 spots, of which 6,500 will allow tailgating.

“We do encourage those that are going to drive and park and come to the stadium and be a part of that tailgating experience, to come early the first few games, we know it’s going to be a challenging process, we’re not used to it," explained Badain.

Badain says the stadium will have approximately 35,000 total spots within a one-mile distance.

Some will be free, others will come at a price.

The closer you are to the stadium, the more expensive.

“They range between $40 and $100 in the Raiders controlled lots. In the Allegiant Stadium-controlled lots, they average about $75. That’s comparable with NFL stadiums around the league.”

Searches for nearby NFL teams confirm the prices are in line with the proposed pricing averages.

“The tailgating experience, it doesn’t matter where you’re at. If it’s great tailgating it doesn’t matter if you’re close or far," said Richard Villa, a Raiders season ticket holder.

Villa says he remembers tailgating in Oakland and adds it is part of the fan experience.

“The tailgating aspect is just to get to know your Raiders brothers and sisters, whether it’s next to the stadium or at the end of the lot, you were there for one reason and that is to celebrate the Raiders," said Villa.

Villa says the current costs are about what he and his friends paid to tailgate in similar sports venues across California.

“They all seem to say it was between 40 and 60 to 100 bucks, so the parking seems about right," said Villa.

The Raiders organization says the plan is always changing based on new information and say it will likely change again as more events are held at Allegiant Stadium.

The Raiders also say local Personal Seat License holders, as well as club level ticket holders, will be offered season parking passes for a yet to be determined price.

Those details will be sent directly to them soon.