13 MVP: Arron Feller

8th grader excels on the soccer pitch and in the classroom
Posted at 10:17 AM, Dec 17, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — In sports, size can certainly help, but it won't make or break an athlete. December's 13 MVP is our youngest yet, and he's proving smarts are much more important than size.

On a field full of red jerseys, it might be hard to find Arron Feller. Thankfully, his hair and his soccer skills help him stand out.

"I just like playing. That’s all. It’s just fun to me," said Feller.

He's particularly proud of his pinpoint passing, a skill that's helped propel his team to the top ranking in the state, and top ten in the country.

"It’s nice to just play the ball to somebody else, maybe give them an opportunity to score and it’s just best for the team," said Feller.

Off the field, Feller's a young man of many talents, including the piano, spelling, and solving equations.

"Math is definitely my favorite subject, just because it’s just fun to work out problems," said Feller.

And while Arron may not be the biggest or the strongest player on the pitch, he's almost certainly the smartest.

"I just need to try my best in everything I do and make sure that I stay on the right path," Feller said humbly.

Arron says his dream is to play soccer professionally, but he has a solid second option. If soccer doesn't work out, he says he plans to go to college and study something in the field finance or accounting because he excels at math.