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Top education stories for 2019

Posted at 3:08 PM, Dec 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-31 22:36:23-05

2019 has been a busy year for our Raising The Bar series.

Education has been a focus in Southern Nevada for much of the year.

For instance, did you realize that not all grades are created equal in the Clark County School District?

Some schools use what is known as a "minimum F." That prevents teachers from giving under 50 percent credit on assignments.

Another problem is absenteeism.


Over 50,000 CCSD students were considered chronically absent from school last year. That means they missed 18 or more days and critical time in the classroom.

We followed a CCSD truancy officer for the day to find out what he does to try and keep kids in school.

In better news, a program in area high schools is surpassing its goal of 90% graduation, serving some of the district's most at-risk students.

Miss Blaise is more than just a teacher at Chaparral High School. She says that she looks at everyone at the school like family. She also talked about 6 barriers to success.

Another problem many parents brought to our attention was lack of bus drivers and late buses.

The Clark County School District says it's challenging to transport the 135,000 students who take a bus every day.

13 Action News will continue to report on education in 2020.

What is Raising The Bar?

Together with parents, educators, business and community leaders, 13 Action News will lead the discussion on improving education in Southern Nevada. We will connect families with solutions that empower our community to build a foundation for a successful future. If you have a story idea, email us at raisingthebar@ktnv.com.