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With investigation complete, loyal Secret of Siam customers await restaurant's reopening

Secret of Siam investigation
Posted at 5:37 PM, Mar 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-24 23:35:09-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The doors of Secret of Siam can finally reopen. The restaurant has been closed for weeks while they were under investigation for serving possibly tainted food to their customers.

On Wednesday, the Southern Nevada Health District gave them the green light to open. A day later, the place is still locked up, but Patti Gross says loyal customers are ready for them to reopen. She wants to give the location another shot.

“It was a simple mistake, and it was their buyer, and they went through the wrong people,” Gross said.

As 13 Action News previously reported, dozens of people got sick after eating at Secret of Siam. The restaurant was accused of serving food "adulterated" with THC. Police said their investigation found no criminal intent on the part of the restaurant, and the contamination appeared to have come from ingredients purchased through a third party. Now, the health district has given them the chance to reopen.

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Gross says her family would regularly come to Secret of Siam, and they have always had a good experience.

“I had a delightful meal, and nothing happened. The food was delicious,” she said. “I think they are very conscious of what happened, and they will find out what happened, and it won’t happen again."

The health district says for the Secret of Siam to reopen, they must throw away some of their food, undergo additional inspections, and follow up with the health district's food operations programs.

Elahe Egh, a manager from a neighboring business, says she hopes they can reopen to continue bringing in more business, and most of her customers who have been there said positive things about the place.

“My kids would order the Thai food twice a week and they love it,” Egh said.

Kathryn Vargas had no idea what happened, but after 13 Action News explained it to her, we asked if she would check this place out if they reopened.

“Considering we do love Thai food, I would say yes, absolutely,” Vargas said.

She says this can happen to any restaurant.

“I think people like to make mountains out of molehills these days, anyway, and they will tell you anything to make some news,” Vargas said.

13 Action News has been in communication with a customer who claims they got sick from their food. They say although the investigation is over, they still believe the restaurant is liable for what happened and they should not be able to reopen.

A lawyer says a lawsuit against the restaurant could proceed, as owners could still be considered liable for using the ingredient.