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100-Yards with Tina Nguyen: UNLV RB Charles Williams

Posted at 11:45 AM, Oct 21, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Before UNLV football hosts San Jose State at 8pm tonight, senior running back Charles Williams walks 100-yards with Tina Nguyen to talk about his time at UNLV along with his new role of being a father.

The Rebels are 0-6 on the season and are still searching for their first win under head coach Marcus Arroyo.

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Tina Nguyen: We're joined by UNLV running back Charles Williams for our next 100-yards. Charles, you've kind of experienced it all here during your time here at UNLV. You've had a lot of on the field success, have dealt with some adversity with the injuries and also some coaching changes. How would you put into words what your time here has been like?

Charles Williams: I can say it's been amazing because it's trials and tribulations with football and especially in college football. What I went through with all the success and the downfalls, it made me a better man at the end of the day.

Nguyen: You are a sixth year senior… How have you seen yourself grow as a person and also as a player here?

Williams: I was the goofy kid, always playing around. Now, my teammates see me as a leader. Six years ago, you couldn’t said that, but now they can see me as a leader and somebody they can count on in the game and off the field.

Nguyen: You recently added another role to your resume as you welcomed in a baby girl just a couple months ago. Tell us a little bit about her. What's her name? How old is she now?

Williams: Her name is Kamiyah Williams. She's six months about to be seven months. That’s my princess, my twin. I have a lot of nicknames for her. I love her.

Nguyen: What have you learned in terms of balancing out fatherhood but also being a college football player?

Williams: It's not gonna always be easy. There’s gonna be those days where it's tough. You get home late and she wants you to be up with her. You just got to do what you got to do and then sometimes you know, I gotta do homework. She's trying to do the homework with me. But you know at the end of the day, like it's helping me become a better person and learning how to juggle multiple things at once. It's also helped me on the field to just you know, you're doing this for her you're doing this for your family. Trying to help her you know have an easier life is my main goal right now.

Nguyen: You guys are knocking at the front door on getting that first win of the season. As a leader on this team, what is your message to the guys to keep the momentum and the morale up right now?

Williams: Just trying to be consistent. We're getting better each week and then you know just study your film a little bit more deeper because the best way to be prepared is mentally not physically all the time. Just knocking out their schoolwork early, so we can focus on football at the right time.

Nguyen: I’ve got to ask about the slot machine that we saw on the sidelines this weekend. How did that idea come about?

Williams: It’s Vegas. You know, you come to Vegas and you come here to gamble. Honestly, that was my first time at a slot machine since I've been here, so it was kind of weird to me. My teammates help me figure it out, though.