The Raiders' move to Las Vegas has already affected the sports books

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jan 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-06 21:48:11-05

With the Raiders set to bring 65,000 fans to their new stadium in Las Vegas starting in 2020, the big question is how much of an impact those fans will have as they head to the sports books.

Hall of fame broadcaster Brent Musburger has been closely watching the action at the books around town since launching the Vegas Stats and Information Network, covering the $4.5-billion-per-year sports betting industry.

Despite a disappointing season, the famed broadcaster says it is clear the Raiders are already making their presence felt in Las Vegas.

"Once the Raiders announced they were coming to Las Vegas they immediately became one of the most heavily bet teams," said Musburger. "It is clear the betting community is already embracing them as their team."

If you want proof of bets on a local team's success, just look at the liability the books face if the Vegas Golden Knights somehow pull off a Stanley Cup victory in its inaugural season.

Musburger says the books have already been forced into action.

"Everybody bought a future ticket on the Golden Knights just to have," he explained. "[The books have] adjusted as they figured out this is a much better team than they thought they were going to be."

While the Las Vegas teams will likely be favorites at the books, Musburger says the biggest impact on sports books in Las Vegas could come from competition around the country if the Raiders move leads to a Supreme Court ruling allowing sports betting everywhere.

"I think the move of the Raiders on the part of the National Football League into Las Vegas has made it possible for sports gambling to open up across the country," he said.

While the competition may have a small impact to start, Musburger says he thinks the Raiders move will work out fine for the books in Las Vegas. After all, the choices are to freeze on the East Coast or have fun in Vegas.