Sports books watch Mayweather-McGregor fight closely

Posted at 5:01 PM, Aug 26, 2017

Fans aren't the only ones planning to watch the bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor.

The sports books will be anxiously waiting for the outcome after some were caught off-guard by all the action they're getting.

Remember, when the first line was put up it was February and they're not even sure it was gonna be sanctioned," said former 13 Action News Sports Director Doug Kezirian, who now works at ESPN. "They put up this crazy line because you have the best boxer of a generation and a guy who's never boxed professionally, and they just underestimated the interest."

And Doug says that original line had McGregor as an extreme longshot.

"Anywhere from 50 to 1, which is what MGM said it had a month ago, to 15 to 1," he explained.

Doug says the sports books are experts at managing their risk. While many tourists are still willing to roll the dice and put money on McGregor for the upset, there's a lot of big money coming down on Mayweather.

"That's where you see the Maloofs come in at $880,000," Doug recalled. "William Hill already took a $1.2 million dollar bet tonight on Floyd Mayweather."

Regardless, a McGregor win would still sting at the sports books.

"Some books have... a sizeable 6-figure loss. Another book told me it would be up to $3 million dollars," said Doug.

But not to worry. Regardless who wins the fights, Doug says a lot of Saturday night's winning bettors will eventually lose it at the casino.