Raiders struggle to find parking for Las Vegas Stadium

Posted at 11:37 PM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 15:28:55-04

The Raiders will soon begin construction on their new 65,000 seat stadium just off the Las Vegas Strip, but are still looking for solutions on where those fans will park.

The Raiders and county leaders are working to close the gap between the current 2,300 parking spaces they have at the current stadium site and the 18,000 needed for a project its size.

"Parking is an issue. It is not an issue that is unsolvable,” Clark County Commission Chairman said.

Sisolak says the raiders are looking for solutions.

"The problem with them is they are expensive, very expensive,” Sisolak said.

The team has been said to be looking at off-site parking and shuttles to bring fans in.

Sisolak said they are also looking into buying land nearby, but have been met with escalating prices.

He says that has the team crunching the number to determine what is best for the budget as well as fans.

"There are a lot of wheel in motion, balls in the air that hopefully are going to all come down at the right time,” Sisolak said.

The Raiders may shed more light on their parking plans, as well as the financing and construction of the $1.9 billion stadium project at Thursday’s meeting of the Las Vegas Stadium Authority.