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Javin White could break UNLV's 9-year NFL Draft drought

Posted at 10:48 AM, Apr 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-25 16:29:05-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — You could say Javin White wants to be the one to break UNLV's draft draught.

"I think about it every day," White said, with a laugh.

It's something White and his former coaches discussed before the start of his senior season.

"I feel like deep down, I am going to break it, and I think that's the biggest thing that makes me anxious is because it's not just always about me. It's about the UNLV community. It's about Las Vegas, you know to say that someone got drafted out of here. It's just everything," said White.

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To make it to the next level, White and his former coaches knew he would need to make big plays in critical games, which he did.

"For an NFL team to pick me up, they'll understand that I'm a competitor at the end of the day and I'm coming there to make your team better,"
said White.

Tony Cordasco, longtime UNLV announcer, said White is a big play guy who can hit and is the kind of safety that an NFL team could use in a lot of different ways.

"He's got the speed, the athleticism, the height - everything. He's the total package," said Cordasco.

And to Cordasco, the possibility of White getting drafted adds to what UNLV football is building and becoming.

"With the Fertitta complex, the new Allegiant Stadium, the possibilities I think for this program are endless," Cordasco said. "It's always been a sleeping giant as a football program because it is Las Vegas, you do have resources, and now it's going to rise and fast."

For now, it's 32 teams taking their turn on the clock for the 2020 NFL Draft, and White is hoping to hear his name called.

"Honestly, I'm not afraid to say it, but I'm going to cry - I already feel it. So as soon as it happens, I'm going to say, 'can I get like three minutes to get myself together.' But it's just the excitement, and it has been my dream forever. I'm just waiting for it to come into reality," White said.