Former Raiders coach Tom Flores talks teams recent COVID fines

Posted at 10:08 PM, Nov 06, 2020

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The NFL is coming down hard on the Las Vegas Raiders for COVID-19 violations once again.

This time stripping the Raiders of one of its 6th-round picks in next year's draft and also fining the team $500,000.

Coach Jon Gruden also facing a fine of $150,000.

Raiders fined, docked pick for COVID violations

The violations are related to offensive lineman Trent Brown's positive coronavirus test in late October.

The steep fines are a result of the Raiders being a repeat offender of the COVID-19 protocols.

13 Action News chats with former Raiders head coach Tom Flores weekly and this week he gave his take on the NFL going after the Raiders.

"These fines are all subject to appeal. You never hear about anything happening from the appeals. They rather keep a lot of things quiet. But, right now, I just think there are so many unknowns.
You just have to wait and see how the NFL comes out with it. And they usually do a pretty good job at the end of the day for a fair judgment. But it is a different world we are living in with this virus,” Flores said.

Coach Flores also said for the Raiders to win Sunday they must contain Chargers rookie quarterback Justin Herbert.