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Meet Melvin Whitehead: A Liberty High School wrestler, football player and musician

Meet Melvin Whitehead: A Liberty High School wrestler, football player and musician
Posted at 9:58 PM, Feb 17, 2023

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Channel 13 is committed to celebrating local athletes in the valley by highlighting students excelling in and out of the classroom every month.

Liberty High School's Melvin Whitehead is no stranger to racking up awards.

"State champion as a freshman, as a regional champion. Five time All-American as a freshman. Placer at Doc B, one of the biggest high school tournaments in the country," Whitehead said. "State champion and regional champion again this year. Then, about to prepare for Virginia Beach, which is a national full style championship, so very excited."

As a wrestler, Whitehead does not just dominate on the mat, but also on the football field as a two-sport athlete.

"They both kind of intertwined with each other. Football helps with wrestling, as wrestling helps with football," Whitehead said. "I keep my skills up, keep my conditioning, and also it's fun sports."

Not only is he excelling outside of the classroom, but inside of it as well. Whitehead is maintaining a 3.6 GPA.

His ability to balance his education and athletics has earned him the recognition of being our Centennial Subaru Academic Athlete of the Month.

When he's not working on his education and his skills as a football player and wrestler, Whitehead has another surprising talent he's working to perfect:

"I've always been a musical kid," Whitehead said. "I hear a song, I just start singing it, then a love grew from there. In middle school, I actually decided to join a choir class. You know, it's like love at first sight. Now, I'm starting to get into actual music theory and playing the piano and stuff like that to further my knowledge."

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