Lights FC debuts game shorts, announce players can earn $30k in casino chips

Posted at 11:02 AM, Feb 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-20 16:35:21-04

The Las Vegas Lights FC could win more than glory at each home game.

It was saucier than most official unveilings. In downtown Las Vegas Tuesday night, the team disrobed to show off their new shorts. The shorts are part of the team's uniform and bear the name of the Plaza Hotel.

"We are incredibly proud to be from Las Vegas. We want to represent Las Vegas and the locals of Las Vegas," said Brett Lashbrook, the owner and CEO of the Las Vegas Lights FC.

Hardcore fans couldn't be happier. Entire families came to see what the uniform would look like.

"We're going to be there every game since the beginning to the end. Either win or lose, we're going to be there for the FC Lights," said Freddy Cana, a fan.

Winning, though, will be a little sweeter for the team's premier season. Lashbrook says for every home game won on Cashman Field with a score of three or more goals, every Lights player will get $100 worth of chips at the Plaza.

"We're putting up to $30,000 on the line for our players to not just win, but to win with style," said Lashbrook.

The hype is still building. Wednesday night at Zappos headquarters, the team's jerseys will be revealed.