Vegas Golden Knights continue honoring heroes

Posted at 11:26 PM, Oct 13, 2017

As the Vegas Golden Knights took the ice for their second home game, they brought Nick Robone on the ice during the National Anthem as they continue to recognize heroes and survivors of the 1 October attack.

Robone, a coach with the UNLV hockey team, watched the Golden Knights victory over the Arizona Coyotes Tuesday from home because he had just been released from the hospital.

"It was crazy.  You could feel the energy in the building watching on TV."it was awesome.  It gave the city something to rally around," Robone said.

When the Golden Knights prepared to drop the puck for the second game at T-Mobile Arena, Robone was standing on the ice being honored.

The UNLV hockey coach still has stitches in his chest, but says he is already thinking of ways to pay the community back for their help.

"I got a ton of support from the community, especially the elementary school.  So I'd like to take the players to those schools, read to them, thank them and go from there," Robone said. "I know there are families here that are still hurting and I'd love to be able to help them.  Whether that is encouragement or financially, I don't know."

The Golden Knights lost the game to the Red Wings 6-3.

It was the first loss in franchise history, and moved to 3-1 on the season.