13 Action Preps: 2017 4A All-Northeast division preseason team

Posted at 1:37 PM, Jul 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 12:15:12-04

The 2017 prep football season features many talented athletes and the season is sure to hold many surprises. Teams will go from worst to first, young players will burst onto the scene and upperclassmen will shock the city with breakout seasons.

13 Action Preps will be here to cover it all!

Over the summer we will preview every team in the Las Vegas area, present original web series and bring you weekly game coverage.

There's also our all-division teams for both the 4A and 3A. Here you will find the names of some of the most talented athletes in town leading up to the 2017-18 season.

We expect a few names on this list to change by season's end and encourage all athletes to strive to reach their potential and add their list to our year-end awards list.

2017 All-Northeast Division Preseason Team


  • Diamante Burton (Canyon Springs)
  • Zach Matlock (Las Vegas)
  • Jaime Rangel (Eldorado)


  • Elijah Hicks (Las Vegas)
  • DiQuan Brown (Las Vegas)
  • Jayvion Pugh (Canyon Springs)


  • Quran Muhammed (Las Vegas)
  • Keyon White (Canyon Springs) 
  • Johnathan Gunter (Rancho)

Offensive Lineman

  • Colt Andres (Rancho)
  • Jay Fuiava (Valley)
  • Jaevon Taylor (Las Vegas)
  • Justin Taitano (Eldorado)
  • Donovan Wolfe (Canyon Springs)
  • Maxwell White (Canyon Springs)

Defensive Lineman

  • Anias Brewington (Valley)
  • Isaac Guerpo-Yonemura (Eldorado) 
  • Lord Oroke (Canyon Springs)
  • A.J. Davis (Canyon Springs)
  • Germaine Carmena (Canyon Springs)


  • Archie McArthur (Las Vegas)
  • Jah'quire Powell-Hunt (Canyon Springs)
  • Tyjohn Francis (Canyon Springs)
  • Brian Soto (Eldorado) 

Defensive backs

  • Zion Edwards (Las Vegas)
  • Bryce Jones (Valley)
  • Jaylyn Marshall (Canyon Springs)


  • Ty'Shon Jamal-Brown (Canyon Springs)