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Special sale raises money for rescue group that saved 'Parvo Puppies'

Posted at 11:24 PM, Jul 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-14 07:40:29-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — 42 puppies were rescued from a Las Vegas home on East Calorado Avenue in late July after Animal Control said they were found in small cages, near feces, some with no access to clean food and water.

The puppies were spread among several rescue groups in the valley, but they had already been exposed to the highly contagious and deadly Parvo viirus.

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At least 6 were either humanely euthanized by The Animal Foundation or later died from the illness.

A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue took in 11 of the puppies and though one died in their care, volunteer Rebecca Anderson said the remaining puppies are finally coming around.

"10 are thriving," Anderson said, "we're totally excited, but it did incur come costs."

Anderson said they are hosting a half-off sale at the Dog Junkie's Thrift Shop on North Decatur Boulevard to raise money hoping to recoup the heavy burden of curing ten 10 dogs of Parvo.

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"We have everything from Coach to household goods," Anderson said.

A Home 4 Spot owner Diana England said the story doesn't end when they've recouped their money.

In a report, Animal Control said the dog's owner, Sandra Fuentes, admitted to taking the puppies from people in the area who couldn't take care of them, and then sold them for a profit out of her home.

In a hand written statement to Animal Control, Fuentes wrote, "I surrender puppies. What the best for them. Never meant to hurt no one."

England said backyard puppy sales are common in the valley.

"We clean it up, and they keep doing it," England said.

Anderson said she hopes the struggle of saving these puppies sends a message to people that back-yard animal sales aren't safe.

"It spreads so fast," she said, "and then if they're selling the dogs and not telling people that they have Parvo, they take them into their house and get their animals sick."

The half-off sale runs through Sunday evening.

Anderson said they are also hosting a T-shirt sale on their Facebook page, and accepting donations on the A Home 4 Spot webpage.