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Shootings involving Las Vegas police officers in 2017

Posted at 1:27 PM, Aug 02, 2017

The following is a list of all the shootings involving the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for 2017.

AUG. 5

Armed, naked man shot by police marks 16th officer-involved shooting this year
Police received a call about a naked man with a gun in a church parking lot. The man was threatening to kill himself. The man was eventually shot by police after negotiations failed.

AUG. 1

Man believed to have stolen cell phone shot by Las Vegas police during shootout 
Police say that they were checking out a report of a stolen cell phone when a man pulled out his gun. A shootout followed and the man was shot. A police officer was also sent to the hospital with a gunshot wound and another police officer says a bullet his his gun belt. This was the 15th officer-involved shooting for 2017.


LVMPD releases surveillance of pot dispensary, shooting 
A police officer shot a burglary suspect at a marijuana dispensary on Western Avenue. Two other suspects were arrested. This was the 14th officer-involved shooting for 2017.


Las Vegas police shoot 2 people on Goldfield Street 
Police were investigating a report of an earlier shooting that led them to an address on Welsh Circle. During their surveillance, they saw a man believed to be the suspect and a woman get into a car. Police followed the car until it eventually stopped. There was an exchange of gunfire and both the man and woman were shot. This was the 13th officer-involved shooting of 2017.


Video shows manpullgun on officer before being shot 
Police responded to a call about a suspicious man in a shopping center in Centennial Hills. Upon arrival, the man ran away from the police officer. The suspect then pulled out a gun and pointed it at the officer. The officer opened fire. This was the 12th officer-involved shooting for 2017.


Police officer shoots knife-wielding man from seat of patrol car
Police were responding to a report of a carjacking when they encounted 27-year-old Caleb Blaylock, who was carrying a knife. The officer told Blaylock to drop the knife repeatedly but he refused. Blaylock then ran towards the police officer, who was sitting in his patrol car. The police officer shot Blaylock. This was the 11th officer-involved shooting for 2017.


Las Vegas police talk about latest officer-involved shooting 
Police say 56-year-old George Tillman had 2 guns when they approached him and he was threatening to shoot his young daughter and the police officers. Tillman reportedly shot a woman before police officers arrived. This was the 10th officer-involved shooting for 2017.


Body-cam footage shows suspect with knife before being shot 
Police officers responded to a domestic violence call shortly after midnight June 20. The officers were searching an apartment when they encountered 28-year-old Pedro Ramirez in the master bedroom closet. He was armed with a large knife and charged the officers. This was the 9th officer-involved shooting for 2017.


Man identified in shooting involving officers 
Police say that Franciso Suarez-Maldonado fired two rounds at police officers before they opened fire and killed him. Suarez-Maldonado reportedly told his girlfriend prior to the shooting that he wanted to make police officers kill him. This was the 8th officer-involved shooting for 2017.


Man attacked security guard with shovel, threw pickax at officer before shooting 
Police say that Steven Allen Price attacked a security guard and threw a long-handled pickax at a police officer before he was shot. It happened on Shreve Avenue near Lake Mead and Nellis boulevards. This was the 5th officer-involved shooting for 2017.

MAY 15

Suspect shot by Las Vegas police officer in stable condition 
Police say Carlos Ibarra was intoxicated and threatening his ex-wife and children before police arrived. Police told Ibarra to drop his weapon several times but he refused and pointed it at the officers. This was the 6th officer-involved shooting for 2017.

MAY 10

Police shoot at teenage burglary suspect near Buffalo Drive, Gomer Road 
Police say that 16-year-old burglary suspect Darius Higuera pointed a gun at a police officer during a chase. The officer shot at Higuera but missed. A citizen stopped the suspect with a baseball bat. This was the 5th officer-involved shooting this year.


Suspect had stolen gun in Henderson day before shooting, according to arrest report 
Police shot a man who was causing a disturbance in a business near Decatur Boulevard and Vegas Drive. The man was lying on the ground outside the business when they arrive. When police approached, he sat up and pointed a gun at them. This was the 4th officer-involved shooting this year.


16-year-old burglary suspect identified in March police shooting 
Police shot 16-year-old Darius Higuera after they responded to a call about a prowler on River Trade Street. Police say that Higuera pointed a gun at them during a chase. This was the 3rd officer-involved shooting this year.

JAN. 21

Naked man charges police with knife before being shot 
Police say that Paul Carr Palmer III charged 2 security officers and then police officers with a knife while naked at the Gold Spike hotel-casino. Police say Palmer also had several self-inflicted stab wounds and was possibly suicidal. This was the 2nd officer-involved shooting in 2017.

JAN. 5

Man shot while attempting to rob police officer 
Police say an undercover officer was in a neighborhood near Jones and Carmen boulevards when the officer was approached by 2 men who were intending to rob him. During the encounter, the police officer shot Thomas Lamar Cotton.  This was the 1st officer-involved shooting in 2017.


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