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NHP, NDOT keeping an eye on traffic during Car-nado

Posted at 7:21 AM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-28 21:22:34-04

Car-nado is in full swing and it's not just construction workers that are putting in overtime.

Nevada Highway Patrol and Nevada Department of Transportation are keeping a close eye on the roads during the massive project.

NDOT is coordinating with the Regional Transportation Commission's Fast Traffic Control System to make navigating the Spaghetti Bowl and detours easier for everyone.

That includes monitoring 70 traffic signals close to the project and adjusting the timing as needed.

"It's important for drivers to know that in real time, we are seeing what's happening, we're receiving their messages, and then we're acting on that information by changing the signals, providing information on the electronic signs, and that helps out everybody," says Brian Hoeft with RTC FAST. 

RTC has a partnership with the navigation app, Waze, and send them real-time information about construction and road closures.  

Before Project Neon, there was an average of four accidents on the Spaghetti Bowl every day, so officials hope this project will increase safety.

They also hope the project to increase travel times. Right now, the average speed of a driver in the Spaghetti Bowl is 18-25 miles per hour, and officials hope once the project is done, speeds will increase to over 50 miles per hour.  

The closures are expected to continue through February 2017. The work is part of Project NEON.