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Las Vegas resident’s family in Afghanistan calls for help

Posted at 6:38 PM, Aug 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-31 02:53:37-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Afghan families have been crying for help as the last evacuation plane took off from Kabul on Monday. A family in the Las Vegas valley is concerned for the safety of their loved ones who were not able to leave in time.

Sharifa Wahab’s cousin called her from a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan Monday afternoon. Wahab translated her cousins’ concerns as he spoke with her over the phone. Wahab’s cousin said his wife and three young children are worried about their lives.

“He said this morning one more rocket came, they don’t know from where, they say that over there it is very dangerous right now, but now it is getting worse,” said Wahab.

The United States completed its withdrawal from Afghanistan on Monday evening. Wahab’s cousin said they tried to make it to the airport, but the Taliban did not let anyone in.

“They started to gas all around to knock people down and also they had pipes in their hand, and they were beating everyone,” Wahab said.

Wahab has been having a difficult conversation with her loved ones since the Taliban took over, but now with the U.S. gone Wahab said her family has targets on their back. She said her family has come in contact with the Taliban many times and now they know who they are. Wahab said her family doesn't feel safe anymore.

“As soon as the United States is permanently out, they think their life will end too,” explained Wahab.

She said she has filed her family’s case through Senator Jacky Rosen’s office, but the multi-step process for special immigrant visa applicants is long. To apply for visas to the U.S. applicants must meet certain employment qualifications and provide supporting documents. Wahab said her family already has special immigrant visas, but now she waits for government officials to process her case.

“You can do it in two days, you have the case and I know there are a lot of cases, but I think they have to go with those who already have an SIV,” said Wahab.

She said all she is asking from the United States is to provide safety for her people and at the very least help her people relocate to an area where they will be ok.

13 Action News reached out to Senator Jacky Rosen's office and a representative said they are offering constituent services for Nevadans who have family members or loved ones in Afghanistan.

Clickhere to access their direct assistance page on their official website.