UPDATE: Local mom struggling to buy home changes approach

UPDATE JUNE 12: The latest housing numbers aren't good news for hopeful home buyers.

According to the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, home prices are increasing at a rate of nearly $5,000 a month. This brings the median price for single-family homes sold in May to about $295,000.

This isn't good news for Michelle Taggart, the mother 13 Action News has been following as she looks to purchase a home.

"I was at work in my box office and got the message that my offer was rejected again and that one was so hard. The rejection the first time was really bad, but that one brought tears," said Taggart.

Things started out rough for Taggart. Several homes that turned down her first bid, came back after the bid they selected fell through. After about a dozen bids, still no good news.

Now she's laying everything on the line and trying for a new approach.

"At least try to let them know your story, let them know why, because they will remember your name when they meet with their agent," said Taggart.

Over the weekend Taggart met home sellers face to face.

"We had hugs, there were tears and there was just – I can't explain it we connected," said Taggart.

An in-person conversation is a chance to explain what's behind her offer, a divorced mother who lifted herself out of bankruptcy. A personal connection could make all the difference when the bids are the same. Taggart's point is she's not looking to make money; she wants to make a home.

"I don't want to flip it, sell it and make $100,000 on your house. I want to live in it and love my family in your house," said Taggart.

You might remember Taggart is putting off getting married to keep up her credit score in order to make her dream happen.

UPDATE MAY 25: 13 Action News has been following Michelle Taggart's struggle to buy a home.

She's a mom who's putting off getting married to improve her home buying chances.

Unfortunately there's been a lot of bad news for Taggart lately, and now she's got a new deadline.

"I'm packing, but I don't have a place to take my stuff," said Taggart.

Ten weeks. That's how long Taggart and her family have to move out of their apartment. Her lease wasn't renewed because the complex is doing renovations. If she wasn't motivated before, she definitely is now, but she's smiling anyway.

"Even my fiance is like you look so happy about not finding a home on tv. That's just who I am because I believe you have to use your positive energy to make things happen," said Taggart.

Since Taggart was last interviewed she has been very busy. She's seen six homes and of those she's put down four offers. All four offers have been rejected.

"It's just like any other rejection. You get tired of being told no all the time," said Taggart.

She's not slowing down. She's got page after page of homes to check out as she expands the search well past her beloved Spring Valley childhood stomping ground.

13 Action News will keep checking in with Taggart as she works to purchase a home.


Something many of us can relate to is the struggle to buy a home in a Las Vegas!

A local mom has been looking for months with close calls, but no luck. Michelle Taggart has taken her time, saved up her money, and is ready to write a check. She's made several offers but still no home.

Despite several setbacks, Taggart is laughing. She's been divorced. She's declared bankruptcy. Now, she's ready to buy a home to share with her fiance as well as her adult son. The search started in March and it's been frustrating.

"There was one we were going to look at yesterday afternoon after work and two hour before we were set to go it was off the market, and it was really great," said Taggart.

Many homes stay on the market for just a matter of days, even hours. Taggart would love to live where she grew up, in Spring Valley.

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"I learned to drive on Tenaya which was a dirt road. Tenaya, Buffalo they were all gravel still back in 1986," said Taggart.

Taggart has expanded her search to other zip codes. She's tried increasing her offer. She's even put off getting married to keep her credit score strong. It's hard going up against higher, cash offers.

For this Las Vegas 51s ticket operations assistant, it's looking near impossible to slide into home.

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"[I] just need someone to take that chance and say we like you in our home," said Taggart.

She's hoping to pay no more than $250,000, but the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors says the median home price is well past that. Plus, housing is in short supply.

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