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Festivalgoers address concerns about going to Day N Vegas

Festivalgoers address concerns about going to Day N Vegas
Posted at 1:20 PM, Nov 12, 2021

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Day N Vegas has returned after being canceled last year because of the pandemic, but many festivalgoers are worried and concerned to go this year after they watched the chaos that occurred at Astroworld in Texas.

Natasha Della purchased her tickets for Day N Vegas nearly a year in advance, but she says she wasn’t sure if the risk to attend was worth it after she saw people trampled at the festival.

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“My jaw dropped; I was really shocked I have never seen anything like that really seen anything like that from any event I have attended,” said Della.

The last festival she attended was Day N Vegas two years ago, but after what she saw she says she thought about getting rid of her tickets.

“I’m hoping they are keeping our safety the number one priority,” Della explained.

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Day N Vegas released the map to their festival on Twitter. The map points out medical tents, water refill stations, and emergency exits. In a statement that Day N Vegas released on Twitter, they said:

“The security and safety of all attending Day N Vegas has been and is always a top priority in our festival planning. we continue to work hand in hand with law enforcement, medical personnel, and public safety agencies on our protocols for the weekend.”

Della says hopefully event organizers learned from previous mistakes.

“It is better to be overly prepared than underly prepared because you never know what is going to happen and you never want a tragedy like that to happen again,” Della said.

She says it is common for people to push forward when the performer appears on stage.

Her group has planned to stay in the back and they have an escape route ready in case of an emergency.

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Devra Rivera is a mother of a festivalgoer and she says she couldn’t imagine if anything were to happen to her son.

“There is always the concern of huge crowds combined with alcohol and sometimes drugs,” said Rivera.

She says it is critical to make sure you are thinking clearly when you are in a large crowd and respond quickly to an emergency.

For the map to Day N Vegas click here.