Thai, tacos and more on Dirty Dining

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - Talk to the hand. That's essentially what we got at Brown Rice Thai Kitchen when we went to Summerlin's Trails Village Center for answers.

The person in charge put his hand in the camera and said he didn't want to talk to us, pointing out the restaurant's current A grade which they got back on February 13 after having a 34-demerit C for six days.  

Inspectors wrote up a repeat violation for improperly cooled chicken. And the restaurant had to throw out raw eggs, raw shrimp, beef, bean sprouts, rice and noodles due to temperature violations.  

There was also:

  • Black and brown mold in the ice machine
  • Raw beef thawing under a dish soap dispenser
  • An excessively dirty fan blowing into the food prep area
  • Heavy food debris build-up on floors and walls
  • Employee hand lotion, mouth wash and Chinese powdered medicine was intermingled with consumer food and stored on and over food contact surfaces.

The person in charge called the owner, who told us over the phone that she didn't want to go on camera.  

She said they cleaned everything up quickly, adding that her regular customers know why the restaurant got downgraded and continue to support her.

We've got three imminent health hazard closures beginning with Pepe's Tacos on Rainbow and Flamingo. 

It was shut down on February 6 due to a multi-generational cockroach infestation.  The owner said they'd been spraying and were shocked when inspectors found roaches. She says she hired a new pest control company and had the sewer pipes and drains cleaned.  

Pepe's reopened February 12 with a zero-demerit A grade.  

Samy's Market Deli on Lake Mead and D Street was shut down on February 7 for gross, unsanitary conditions. They'd been ordered to do a deep cleaning due to excessive amounts of grease and dirt, but inspectors saw no improvement, so they closed Samy's for non-compliance.  

The market reopened on February 9 with zero demerits.  

The manager did not return our call for comment.

And two food trucks were shut down on February 8 due to inadequate refrigeration--Tacos Los Machos on Eastern and Owens and Tacos Mi Ranchito on Bonanza and Lamb.  

Both reopened with zero demerits on February 9.

We were unable to contact anyone with Tacos Los Machos.  

The owner of Tacos Mi Ranchito says he bought new refrigeration units, which took care of the problem.

Documents from this week's Dirty Dining

Weekly restaurant downgrade report from Southern Nevada Health District

Tacos Mi Ranchito inspection report

Tacos Los Machos inspection report

Samy's Market Deli inspection report

Brown Rice Thai Kitchen inspection report

Pepe's Tacos inspection report

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