Dirty Dining: Pho 90, Roberto's Taco Shop and Olive Garden

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) - We won't be talking turkey this week, but we will be back in Chinatown on Spring Mountain and Arville--this time, at Pho 90, which narrowly avoided shutdown with a 38-demerit C grade.

The first thing we see is *not* their grade card.  

It was properly displayed when the Health District left, but when we stopped by, it was stashed behind a picture, hidden from public view, which is a violation.

Violations inspectors noted were improper handwashing, an employee cell phone on a cutting board, mold in the ice machine and three cartons of expired half and half.

Inspectors also found soup and pork that had to be thrown out because it hadn't been properly cooled.

They were also using household bug spray.

The person in charge didn't want to go on camera but did speak to us on the phone.  

She said the inspection was disappointing, but also an eye-opener for staff they're still training. She added that they try their best to keep clean and will use this experience to get better.

Pho 90 was reinspected and got its A grade back on Monday, Nov. 27.

Both of this week's imminent health hazard closures came at well-known restaurants.  

Roberto's Taco Shop on Nevada Highway in Boulder City was shut down after a failed re-inspection from a 33-demerit C grade.  

Inspectors found live cockroaches and a wall soiled with cockroach feces.

And Olive Garden on Sunset and Green Valley Parkway was shut down due to sewage.  

Inspectors noted a "strong smell from the kitchen" due to a sewage back up at the trash disposal area that came up through a drain into the kitchen when too much force was used to unclog the lines.

Roberto's and Olive Garden are back open with A grades.  

Pho 90 still has a C.


Olive Garden's inspection report

Pho 90's inspection report

Roberto's inspection report

SNHD weekly downgrade report 

SEE PHOTOS of each restaurant in the media player at the top of this page.

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