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CONTACT 13: Scam targeting satellite TV owners

Posted at 10:50 PM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2018-11-21 17:45:51-05
Scam artists are always looking for new ways to get their hands on your money. The latest rip-off is targeting satellite TV customers. We have more in a Contact 13 Consumer Alert.
"I'm very familiar with how they work, and they have called me on occasion," says Barbara Moos.
She's been a DISH Network customer for more than a decade. It was last month when the company called her about a major change.
"They were changing the location of the satellite in the sky," says Barbara.
That means her current satellite box was no longer going to be compatible. So DISH wanted to schedule a time to come out, and install an up-grade. But Barbara thought it was weird when they didn't have her current address.
"I said wait a minute, why don't you have my new address? She said well, they haven't updated the system. I said well, you came here to install it when we moved here," says Barbara.
But it was the next part, that really bothered Barbara.
"You know you have to pay a deposit. And that's when I went ballistic. I said oh no I won't," says Barbara.
The caller wanted $150 for the new box.
"I said no, I've had this service for over 10 years and I've never given any deposit. I pay my bills on time, in full, I don't pay deposits," says Barbara.
Barbara was so mad, she hung up. That's when she called DISH Network for herself, and learned the whole thing was a scam. Now she's taking time to warn others.
"They were very professional. They had it down. My mind was going, how could someone be so professional, and they know they're running a scam," says Barbara.
Contact 13 reached out to DISH, which confirms the call wasn't from them. They encourage anyone who gets a similar call to hang up just like Barbara, and call their provider for themselves.
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