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1 October survivor not seeing any victim funds

Family misses out on $200K due to missed deadline
Posted at 6:00 PM, Mar 14, 2018

One of the most severely injured victims in the 1 October tragedy hasn't seen any help from the Las Vegas Victims' Fund. 

Contact 13 steps in to find out why and what you can do about it. 

"Lots of vomiting every day. High anxiety," says Rosemarie Melanson's husband Steve. 

Contact 13 was there when Rosemarie was able to come home from the hospital last month. But that only lasted a couple of days before she was rushed back. She's the only victim from 1 October still in the hospital. 

"She's still struggling," says Steve. 

In the days and weeks after the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting, thousands stepped up, raising over $30,000,000. 

"The Las Vegas Victims' Fund was established to help people that were the most significantly and severely injured in 1 October," says Scott Nielson, Chairman of the Las Vegas Victims' Fund. "So it was specifically set up to help people like Rosemarie."

Based on her condition, she'd have qualified for $200-hundred thousand doll. But Rosemarie and her family haven't seen a penny, even though they filled out victim registration forms immediately after the shooting.   

"That was before the Las Vegas Fund Committee was even established," says Nielson. 

And Steve admits he didn't see two follow up emails, so he missed the deadline to apply for a claim.  

"I felt good that everything was in place and my concentration was just with being with her," Steve explains. 

Problem is, the funds have already been sent out to all the other victims. 

"But we're going to try to help them," says Nielson. "To see if we can find some funds so that they can receive payment of some kind from the fund."

Due to the bullet that ripped through Rosemarie's torso, Steve says his wife will need additional surgeries including possible trips for highly specialized operations at the Mayo clinic. 

While Steve remains focused on Rosemarie's recovery, he worries about the bills piling up and hopes Las Vegas will step up and stand strong one more time. 

If you want to help out the Melansons, click here for their GoFundMe page or you can contact the Las Vegas Victims' Fund by clicking here.

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