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Military report details safety issues with popular handgun

Posted at 6:00 PM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-21 16:56:33-05

New information reveals that a popular pistol can fire without anyone pulling the trigger. 

The U.S. Military is expected to buy nearly 500,000 Sig Sauer handguns, the military version of Sauer's P320 which was the subject of a Contact 13 Investigation

Our report revealed a serious safety issue where the gun sometimes fires when dropped. Now military testing shows other problems. 

The army recently selected Sig Sauer XM-17 and XM-18 as the new standard-issue sidearm for soldiers. 

According to a Defense Department report, the military knew about drop-test failures and directed Sig Sauer to fix the problem. But that fix may have caused two triggers to splinter according to the report. 

Testing also showed problems with the gun ejecting live ammo and malfunctions where the gun would stop firing.

The report shows the Army intends to buy 238,000 of these pistols while the other branches, including the Air Force, may get another 224,000 Sig Sauer handguns. 

Officials at Nellis told us they would not be able to comment because the Army is in charge of the contract. 

We reached out to both the Army and Sig Sauer. Sig Sauer did not provide a statement, referring us directly to the Army. We are still waiting to see if the Army will send us a statement. 

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