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Boulder City police chief resigns amidst scandal

Posted at 11:57 PM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2016-01-11 20:35:52-05
LATEST UPDATE: Boulder City police chief Bill Conger has resigned. He had been under fire since it was revealed that he didn't pursue a criminal case against Frazier. 
UPDATE: The Clark County District Attorney's Office has confirmed that they have received a case from the Boulder City Police Department regarding the animal cruelty investigation of former animal control officer Mary Jo Frazier. 
It was standing room only inside the Boulder City City Council chambers as citizens waited to vent frustration over allegations involving the former head of animal control.
"She did not follow protocol. When I said she, I mean Mary Jo Frazier did not follow protocol," one resident said while addressing the four council members.
Before the meeting ever started, animal lovers gathered out in front of city hall.
They are calling on leaders to push harder for charges against Mary Jo Frazier.
"We are here for the dogs, the ones that have been killed by Mary Jo Frazier.  We are their voice," Kristi 
the former animal control supervisor was under investigation for improperly euthanizing dogs and cats when she resigned earlier this year.
"Something is wrong with that woman.  She is diabolical and she was getting away with it for years," Stephanie Mathews said.
The city initially said it stopped the investigation because Frazier resigned and moved out of state.
They have since decided to ask the district attorney to pursue criminal charges, but the mayor told the crowd that may be difficult.
"As far as getting her back here to be tried there is an extradition issue.  Courts usually don't do that based on misdemeanors," Mayor Rod Woodbury said.
They also said they are considering civil charges as well, and also said the case has at least opened up dialogue.
"We can't have those discussions behind closed door.  We can have them here open and in the public and that is where it should be handled," Councilman Cam Walker said.
The officer who was reportedly the whistle blower in the case was scheduled to be recognized at the meeting as the employee of the year, but asked that the ceremony be rescheduled.