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Mostly clear
Feels like: 75°
High: 100°
Low: 80°
Humidity: 21%
Barometer: 29.73 in
Dew Point: 33°
Sunrise: 5:23 AM
Sunset: 7:53 PM
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13 First Alert Weather Forecast

Dry spell has taken over the valley for the next several days and will allow temperatures to soar 10 to 15 degrees above normal values in the following days. Average temperatures during this time of year are between 92 and 95 degrees. Today, highs will range between 97 and 101 degrees with sunny skies and mild winds. Higher elevations will see highs in the mid and upper 60s along the Spring Mountain range with a small chance for an isolated shower or thunder storm.

By Wednesday, the triple digit heat begins and will not let up. 100 to 103 degrees will be common during the afternoon and heat up through the week. Thursday, highs are expected between 102 and 106. Friday through Saturday will be the hottest days in the forecast. So hot in fact, that an Excessive Heat Watch is set in place Friday from 10am to Saturday 8pm. High temperatures looks to range between 107 and 112 degrees valley wide!

Last year, our first 105 degree high was on June 13th. The hottest day in June last year was 113 degrees first hit on the 20th. So we have an opportunity to be hotter earlier than last year.

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