Current Conditions

Mostly clear
Feels like: 90°
High: 113°
Low: 86°
Humidity: 8%
Barometer: 29.72 in
Dew Point: 24°
Sunrise: 5:40 AM
Sunset: 7:54 PM

13 First Alert Weather Forecast

Saturday, highs look to peak between 108 and 115 degrees valley wide with central Las Vegas reaching 112 degrees. This type of heat is extreme and falls under Excessive Heat criteria. With temperatures this warm it is not advised to spend long periods of time outside. If you must: make sure you take breaks often, preferably in the AC. Drink plenty of water, wear the sunscreen and check on kids and the elderly. Please do not forget about the pets.

By Sunday, highs will slowly begin to fall but only by a degree or two. With still major heat affecting the area, winds will begin to pick up a little but we are anticipating it to super windy at this point. Gusts at times could be as high as 20 mph. Monday we might shave the temperature down one degree again and we will keep the winds.

As we move into Tuesday and the rest of the work week, high pressure starts to bring back monsoonal flow from the east. Partly cloudy skies are expected along with a little drop in the temperature. As it stands, rain chances are beginning to pick up by Tuesday. Wednesday might be our best chance for any kind of rain. They are small chances but will be monitored closely as we move through the weekend.

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