Troubled Intersection, three major crashes in one month at Jones and Flamingo

Posted at 9:19 PM, Jun 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-24 01:21:48-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — In the last two months alone, there were three separate crashes at the intersection of Jones Blvd. and Flamingo Rd.

On May 24th two people were killed after a car sped through the intersection, barrelling through a metal fence, killing both the driver and the passenger.

Police: 2 people killed in crash near Jones, Flamingo in Spring Valley

Another crash just weeks later involved a pedestrian who was hit-and-killed, June 1st, which marked the start of the 100 Deadly Days of Summer.

One person dead, one in custody after hit-and-run crash near Jones, Flamingo

The most recent crash, happened Thursday morning. A driver plowed into cars stopped at the intersection, leading to a domino effect involving a total of five vehicles. Las Vegas Metro Police Department determined that alcohol and speed played a factor in that crash. The driver was taken into custody according to Metro.

Driver suspected of impairment in 5-car crash that injured 2 people in Spring Valley

This time around, lives were spared, as the commuters involved walked away unscathed, or with only minor injuries.

However, crashes are becoming a common occurrence in the Spring Valley neighborhood near cross-streets Jones Blvd. and Flamingo.

Drivers who travel along the busy streets, now sharing their concern with Traffic Anchor, Zora Asberry.

"Not all of them, but these Vegas people drive wild!" said Jawaan Taylor.

One local woman we spoke to, walks across this intersection often, her concerns are drivers who are distracted.

"Speeding, running red lights, things like that, it's scary," said Diamond Hurt.

In recent weeks, headline-after-headline has read "fatal crash" or "people killed" near the cross streets of Jones Blvd. and Flamingo Rd.

So, what is it about this particular intersection that makes it so dangerous?

Oliver Carson is visiting from Houston, Texas. He believes wider roads, mean more cars, and higher speeds.

"I will say the roads are wider than the roads I've been walking on (In Houston), like smaller streets and blocks. This is a large block of 6 lanes, so it's pretty dangerous," said Carson, who was taking a stroll down Flamingo during his vacation in Las Vegas.

According to the Nevada's Department of Traffic Safety and their Zero Fatalities initiative, as of May 29, more than 144 fatal crashes have occurred on our Valley roads so far this year.

While there is no immediate solution to the problem at these busy intersections, people we talked to believe the responsibility is mostly on the drivers, but, pedestrians like Diamond Hurt say people who walk, bike, or take the bus also need to take responsibility for their own safety.

"Always pay attention to your surroundings, don't really be on your phone (like I was), and keep your headphones out of your ears," said Hurt.

Jawaan Taylor says he has lived in Las Vegas for two years, and, he has two words for drivers the next time they get behind the wheel, "speed limit".

For those thinking about drinking and driving, Taylor says, simply, "Don't..." and continued to say, "there's are Ubers (rideshare), DD's or "designated drivers", encouraging Las Vegas drivers to take the high road, and "just be more responsible," said Taylor.