Thousands of job-seekers attend hiring event at Las Vegas Convention Center

Posted at 10:26 PM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-10 19:52:30-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — At least 5,000 residents pre-registered for the Summer Job Fair at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where more than 14,000 jobs were available.

The event, hosted by Clark County on Friday, brought together more than 125 companies that are looking to add many employees to their business operations.

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The lines just to get inside were very long, but for many residents, like Marina Chastain, the wait was worth it.

While she didn’t know what to expect at a job fair, she did so great in her interview that she got a job on the spot. She specializes in surveillance and said that meeting face to face, made a difference.

“It’s a good feeling, especially when you get a lot of closed doors," she said. "I just moved to Vegas less than a year ago and it’s been tough trying to find a job that I love"

"So, to have lined up so quickly after like two hours of being here, it's really exciting, “ Chastain added.

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Others, like Jacqueline Hudgens spoke with several companies, looking for a good-paying job.

She says she doesn't understand why many employers are having a hard time finding workers.

“We're here and we're eager to work," said Hudgens. "I've put in a lot of applications but for some of the jobs that I’ve been looking for, unfortunately, I haven't been able to get, but I'm still going, I'm gonna keep trying.“

For many companies, this was the perfect event since they have several job openings that need to be filled up immediately.

“Business is back and it's back with a vengeance," said Wanda Gispert, with MGM Resorts talent and workforce development. "We thought the business was back but as we see people coming into Las Vegas, the need has increased. So the reason we're here today is that we need people so that we can deliver outstanding service to the volumes that are hitting Las Vegas today."

Bringing people back into the workforce is crucial for the Las Vegas economy to rebound as a top destination.

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“We're seeing optimism for all those unfilled positions that we've been hearing about, there's a tremendous amount of people who are looking for good quality jobs,“ said Lori Nelson-Kraf, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Public Affairs senior vice president of communications.

One-Stop Career Center and Nevada JobConnect employment professionals were present to provide job seekers a quick resume check and let attendees know about no-cost employment and training help.

Some hiring processes will continue after this job fair. If you weren’t able to show up, you’re encouraged to go to the companies’ websites to find that job that could put you back in the workforce.