Finding a forever home for homeless pets

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Posted at 4:15 PM, Apr 23, 2020
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LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — During this pandemic, we can all use some extra smiles. The Nevada SPCA is looking to help with that. As 13 Investigates anchor Tricia Kean reports, they're looking to partner their pets with some loving locals.

"I thought a good way to contribute to my community and fill my time was to foster some form of animal whether it was a dog or cat," says dog owner Chris Hendricks.


He and his wife recently picked up a pretty pup named Maggie. Chris lost his job and wanted to use his free time to help. So they turned to the Nevada SPCA. It's looking for foster parents, so animals aren't stuck in shelters during the pandemic.

"The car ride from here to home was nerve-racking for her. But as soon as she got into the house, her body language changed and I felt like she started making a home for herself," says Chris.


Chris says it wasn't long before he and his wife knew Maggie was a keeper.

"She's half pit, half golden retriever. She looks intimidating. But she is sweet as honey," says Chris.

So they decided to adopt. The SPCA hopes to find more caring people, looking to foster and ultimately adopt.


"Some people come to us, a lot of people with a specific animal they'd like to adopt. Puppies and kittens obviously are head of the list," says Lori Heeren, Executive Director of the Nevada SPCA.

There are plenty of senior dogs and cats, as well as some with special needs, and they all need a forever home. Keep in mind, like everything else, the adoption process has changed.

"If you go on our website you can fill out a foster application form and release agreement. We will contact you and have a conversation about what animal is a good fit for you," says Lori.


You'll end up helping a four-legged friend, and probably yourself, too.

"Our new slogan at Nevada SPCA is find happiness. That's really what we believe animals bring to the party," says Lori.

Chris can vouch for that. He says he and his wife couldn't be happier.

"She's a wonderful little dog and she's really made the last three weeks for us, fulfilling," says Chris.