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Locals celebrate Wonder Woman Day

Posted at 6:45 PM, Jun 03, 2017

Fans and local comic book stores celebrated Wonder Woman Day on June 3 with free comics and meet-and-greets with Wonder Woman cosplayers.

Many also partnered with charities to help raise money for the Nevada community. Maximum Comics benefited Heartfelt Heroes, whose volunteers help children in shelters, hospitals, and schools while dressed as superheroes. Alternate Reality Comics took donations for Nevada Pep, an organization that provides resources to families with disabled children.

It makes sense that a superhero like Wonder Woman encourages good deeds. But the character also empowers her fans in other ways. Hollie Green, who was decked out in a custom-made Wonder Woman costume at Alternate Reality Comics, says that the Wonder Woman's recent developments have been especially inspirational.

"[Wonder Woman] coming out as bisexual - that was really important in the community," she says.

For those that want to start reading about the character, but are intimidated by the vast library of Wonder Woman comics, Alternate Reality Comics owner Ralph Matthew says that it's okay to just pick up a book and start reading.

"It's kinda like just jumping into a TV show," he said. "You'll put [the plot] together, and maybe go back and watch the beginning episodes."

If you're looking for a more structured approach, Matthew suggests finding a graphic novel that collects entire DC storylines. That way you can easily follow Wonder Woman's character arch in a single read.