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13 Most Read Entertainment/Dining Stories of 2017

Posted at 12:00 PM, Dec 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-30 15:00:37-05

Here is the list of 13 most read entertainment and dining stories of 2017 on 

1. Man jumps on stage at Britney Spears show
Video of a man jumping on stage during a performance by Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood in August went super viral. The man was tackled by security guards and arrested. He later said he meant no harm and just wanted to dance. 

2. Britney Spears calls out fan during Las Vegas show
Another story about a Britney Spears fan also got huge page views in 2017. This time, Britney called out a fan for appearing to be intoxicated after she invited him onstage for an audience participation segment. The video also went viral. 

3. Wynn's Paradise Park gets green light
It's not true that locals don't care about what happens on the Las Vegas Strip. The story about a new park outside of Wynn hotel-casino got a lot of interest online in 2017. The park, which features a lagoon, will take the place of the golf course that has been there for many years. 

4. New In-N-Out Burger locations coming soon to Las Vegas
In-N-Out fans were super excited to hear in August about a new location just outside Summerlin. Even though there was already 12 locations for the popular restaurant in the valley, that didn't stop them from rejoicing at the news of another location. 

5. First Chick-fil-A restaurants in Nevada now open
Chick-fil-A finally arrived in Nevada in January. Many people worried that the restaurant chain, known for its religious beliefs and refusal to sell food on Sundays, would never come to the valley. But it did and you are sure to find a long line of cars at every location now.

6. The Killers perform in pop-up concert on Las Vegas Strip
The Killers, who got their start in Las Vegas, visited the city for a pop-up concert on July 31. The concert was attended by hundreds of fans and was shown on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." The Killers also performed with Imagine Dragons and several Las Vegas headliners during a benefit concert after the 1 October mass shooting. 

7. Haunted Museum in Downtown Las Vegas is hiring tour guides
The news in September that Zak Bagans was planning to start hiring tour guides for the Haunted Museum in Downtown Las Vegas caused a lot of excitement online. Zak Bagans is known as the host of "Ghost Adventures" on Travel Channel. Bagans postponed the grand opening of the museum after the 1 October mass shooting but it is now open.

8. Adam Sandler gets a Las Vegas residency
Fans of comedian Adam Sandler stood up and cheered when they heard in September that the the popular comedian and actor would be performing in several shows at The Cosmopolitan.

9. Bruno Mars announces New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day shows in Las Vegas
Bruno Mars may be one of the most popular visiting entertainers in Las Vegas. The announcement that he is performing New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day (2018) was happily received by thousands. 

10. The largest escape room facility in Las Vegas opens this week
Escape rooms have been very popular over the last couple of years around the country. Teams of people work together to solve puzzles and riddles in a race against the clock to find their way out of a locked room. The largest escape room facility in Las Vegas opened in June. 

11. John Dolmayan opens high-end comic book shop in Las Vegas
Rock star John Dolmayan (System of a Down) doesn't just love music, he also loves comics. And he has a comic bookstore in Las Vegas. A story about that store was super popular on and social media in 2017. 

12. Gordon Ramsay opening world's first Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas
It was announced in April that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay will open the world's first Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas. It is located in front of Caesars Palace. 

13. MGM Grand to open 2,000-square-foot VR arena
 MGM Grand announced in August plans to open a 2,000-square-foot virtual reality arena. LEVEL UP opened in early September.