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'Working cats' are free to adopt and get rid of pests

Posted at 11:47 PM, Mar 29, 2018

The Animal Foundation has found a brand new way to save more cats lives. They're now taking unadoptable cats and turning them into "working cats."

They are cats that would otherwise be put down because they are not socialized or have other behavioral issues or may have been feral at one point.

"The working cats program is a way to find them a place to live," said Kelly Leahy with The Animal Foundation.

It's free to adopt one and you can place the cat wherever you want whether it's your backyard or your church or office property.

"When you adopt a working cat, you not only solve a pest problem, but you also save a life," said Leahy.

The cats are good at catching mice and other bugs.

"I didn't want to put out traps and I don't want poison, I've got a four year old, I don't need him getting into rat poison or my dogs, so this is a great alternative," said Starlynne Paxman. "It helps me and it helps them."

"It's not a traditional indoor cat, it can live outside." said Leahy. "All you have to do as the caregiver is make sure it has shelter, food, water, and medical care when necessary."