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Woman fights to keep stepbrother in jail for raping her daughter

Posted at 10:36 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-06 03:06:18-04
A Henderson woman is fighting to keep her stepbrother in jail, 29 years after he committed a horrific crime against their family.
John Martin Papish raped Tressa Resch's daughter.
Her daughter was two years old at the time.
Papish comes up for parole every three years, and every three years, Resch gathers petition signatures to present to the state Parole Board.
"[My daughter] couldn't fight back," Resch said. "It was his choice. This was his choice for a crime. He needs to stay in prison."
The pain of the rape has never left Resch.
She says seeing her daughter in the hospital being examined with a rape kit is imprinted on her forever.
Papish has his next parole hearing August 11.
In addition to the petition, Resch created a Facebook group to tell the story and plead for people to write letters of support.
She says she's tired of reliving the worst moment of her life, but she says she has no choice.
Resch believes her stepbrother is a psychopath who is still too dangerous to be released.
"As much as I hate these fights every three years, I would rather fight this fight and if he gets out, I know I did my fight," she said. "It's the people who let him out - it's their fault if he has another victim."
Her daughter is 32 now with a child of her own.
Resch describes her as strong, beautiful and independent, and a testament to the fact that rape victims can overcome and become anything.