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Witnesses to Strip crash get emotional

Posted at 5:55 AM, Dec 22, 2015
We're learning more about what witness are saying about Sunday night's deadly crash on the Las Vegas Strip.
The Qureshi's are visiting from Neenah, Wisconsin and they saw the whole thing happen.
They were driving along the Strip when they saw Lakeisha Holloway's car hop the curb.
At first they thought it was an emergency vehicle trying to get through traffic more quickly, but soon realized that this was a rampage.
"It was really just a bad moment," said Aber Qureshi. "Very shocking."
Aber is 12 years old and the only place he says he's seen anything like the tragic crash is in the movies.
"It was just very terrifying," he said. "My heart was pounding a million times a minute."
It was all his parents Rabia and Atif could do to keep their two children calm.
"I heard people screaming, and as I looked right to that corner, I see people flying in the air and that's when I realized something wrong had happened," Rabia said.
Atif Qureshi said it looked like Holloway was targeting people.
The family says the sidewalk was so crowded that people weren't even seeing the car until it was two feet away and about to hit them.
"I was crying because...this was a real crisis," Aber said.
The young boy said for every bad person in this world, there are 1,000 good people willing to help in a situation like Sunday's.
He then insisted on thanking all those people.