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What do you do if your car speeds out of control? Las Vegas driving instructor shares tips

Posted at 6:33 PM, Jul 10, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The fatal crash that killed a women Tuesday morning has sparked some questions on what to do if your car speeds out of control.

13 Action News spoke to a local driving expert about possible techniques.

Joe Mayorga, instructor at Silver State Driving Academy, says you must get familiar with your vehicle’s brake systems and how they work.

Mayorga says, if your legs lock up due to a medical condition or the gas pedal gets stuck, there are options to slow down your car.

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"You [put] it in neutral and then you pull the brake," says Mayorga.

Mayorga points out it helps with making a smoother stop, providing you do not turn the wheel.

Mayorga acknowledges there are too many “if and when” scenarios.

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"If you’re on a highway, going 50 miles per hour, going uphill? All you have to do is it let go of the gas pedal. The car will slow itself down and you bring [the vehicle] it to the shoulder," says Mayorga.

Mayorga also says you have to be able to assess the situation quickly.

"Do I need to stop right away? Do I have time to pull to the shoulder? What do I have time to do?"

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He says pulling the hand brake or slamming into the brake pedal may not be your best first option, instead find something that could help slow down the speed.

"Of course, not another tree or another car," he says.

"Look for a railing, or a curb on regular streets. Start bringing your car to the curb. Don't hit it. Just rub your tire up against the curb."

Mayorga encourages you to get familiar with the brake systems in your car because it could help you when dealing with the unexpected.

“Every vehicle in different. Some cars have the brake on the foot, others have it on the side," says Mayorga.

If you are unsure how the brakes work in your vehicle, you can always contact a local mechanic.