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Video raising concerns about safety at an MGM property

Posted at 7:22 PM, May 15, 2017

A video of two men sneaking into an MGM Grand property is raising safety concerns. 

Chaya Hendrick was inside a high-rise condo Saturday when she noticed something strange on the roof of a pool building at the MGM Grand. 

"I thought, 'Gee, these guys are up to no good," Hendrick said. 

Hendrick captured what she saw on camera. The video shows two shirtless men running across the roof. They open a hatch and enter the building. 

Hendrick showed the video to security at the MGM Grand. 

"You don't know whether they're fleeing from a crime. They've made an illegal entry. They could also be committing another crime," Hendrick said.

She asked the security guard to call 911 and claims she was only told management would be advised of the situation. 

"To have such a glaring security flaw in the building is reprehensible," Hendrick said. 

Other people who saw the video weren't as concerned. 

"Would you really know what they were doing or if they were part of the hotel?" asked Rosie Watson who is visiting from Vancouver. 

MGM Resorts International issued the following statement to 13 Action News: 

MGM Grand Security takes every guest call seriously. We believe this is an unusual and isolated incident. The roof in question is over one of the small pool buildings. MGM Grand Security is conducting a thorough review of staff practices in that area to ensure the proper procedure is being followed.