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The Power of Water: Drought impacts and solutions in Southern Nevada and beyond

Power of Water
Posted at 4:56 PM, Apr 17, 2023

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — With drought conditions impacting Las Vegas and the southwestern U.S. for decades, what efforts are being taken to preserve our water?

This week, Channel 13 and ABC News will dedicate a full day of coverage to "The Power of Water." From conservation to pollution, drought, and everything in between, we'll highlight the stories that matter to Southern Nevadans and beyond.

Starting Monday, you'll find reporting examining the impacts of drought conditions in Southern Nevada and the innovative efforts to conserve.


Cloud seeding success: Efforts to increase precipitation in Red Rock Canyon pay off

Abel Garcia returns to Red Rock Canyon to see what impact cloud seeding efforts have made. He finds the canyon a lot greener than normal thanks to a wet winter — but conservationists explain how their efforts help squeeze more water out of the clouds.

Amid water woes, Springs Preserve offers perspective on past, focus on future

Good Morning Las Vegas Anchor Anjali Patel went out to the Springs Preserve, which provides perspective on the history of Las Vegas's water supply, as well as a focus on the future as our water woes intensify.

'Ring around the valley' idea would have created growth boundaries to conserve water

Anchor Tricia Kean spoke with Congresswoman Dina Titus about her 'ring around the valley' idea when she was a state senator that would have created growth boundaries to help manage the valley's growth and natural resources like water.

Lake Mead businesses try to stay afloat due to decline in visitors

Alyssa Bethencourt visits businesses at Lake Mead and Boulder City to see how lower lake levels and a decline in visitors are affecting them. Some explained that bad publicity is hurting their business and are asking people to give Lake Mead a chance.

Greatest flood threat in Las Vegas has shifted from summer to winter, research finds

Justin Bruce talks with experts about this year's record winter precipitation, along with the changing role the summer monsoon season has on the Las Vegas valley. His report on changing expectations for flooding in southern Nevada considers evidence from a study by Dr. Guo Yu of the Desert Research Institute.

Declining water levels at Lake Powell are affecting businesses

More than 300 miles up the Colorado River from Lake Mead, Lake Powell is also seeing lower water levels. Anchor Joe Moeller talks to businesses in Page, Arizona about how they're optimistic those levels could rise again due to an above-average snowpack.

Groundwater aquifers under Las Vegas offer small, but crucial resource during drought crisis

As the drought crisis in the West continues, Channel 13's Bryan Horwath takes a look at how water authorities in Southern Nevada are working to conserve one of the desert’s most valuable resources — aquifers.

Arizona town that shares Colorado River adapting due to drought conditions

Communities up and down the Colorado River are feeling the impacts of drought conditions. That includes Page, Arizona. Anchor Joe Moeller spoke with local officials about changes being made to adapt as water levels continue to fall.

Be careful where you step at Lake Mead, a simple visit could turn into a gruesome discovery

Since the record-record breaking low water levels at Lake Mead, visitors to the lake have discovered a lot of sunken secrets, this includes human remains. KTNV's Abel Garcia spoke to two valley locals on how their visit to Lake Mead turned into shocking discoveries of human remains.

Latest drought map show positive outlook for Nevada's drought conditions

KTNV's Jaewon Jung explains the latest U.S. drought monitor map, and how it's showing a positive outlook for Nevada.

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