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Tension high on GOP debate night in Vegas

Posted at 6:55 PM, Dec 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-15 21:55:55-05
Whether you love the candidates or hate them, the GOP debates are getting people talking.
People from all walks of life headed down to the Venetian just to be near all the excitement.
"It's like a circus type event," said Las Vegas Resident, Lewis Camby.
Some people just want to take in all the action.
"It's a world event probably an historical event, you know and I do work out here so I wanted to come out just to see what's going on," explained Cambry.
Others showed up because they care about the issues and have been following the debates closely.
"I'm really interested in the political process and what goes on, I do this kind of thing for a hobby and I really enjoy the atmosphere," said Las Vegas Resident, Roger Teekell.
Some are taking a stand. Dozens of protesters showed up outside the Venetian ahead of the debate, holding signs and chanting.
"There's been a lot of shameful rhetoric coming from the GOP side, the candidates in the GOP race and we're calling for a no hate debate so they can get back to the issues that matter the most," said Annette Magnus with Battle Born Progress Nevada.
The group protested what it called hateful speech and rhetoric by some of the candidates.
"We're expecting the candidates use their usual fear mongering rhetoric again and we expect a lot better from them. you know we are better than the hateful rhetoric that they've been spewing out for the last few weeks," said A.J. Bahay with PLAN Action.
The activists want the candidates to focus on the issues and they are not alone.
"I want them to get back to the issues and stop attacking each other. I'm tired of the fights that shouldn't be within the party," said Teekell.