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13 Action News and neighbors get rid of squatters

Posted at 5:17 PM, May 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 22:33:16-04

For the past several months now, 13 Action News has been tackling the squatter problem around the Las Vegas valley with your help. During that time, we have worked with several agencies behind the scenes to help you fight back.

If you drive down any number of blocks in the valley, and you are likely to find a foreclosed house. There is always a chance squatters will be calling the house a home.

"They said that they just bought the house and were moving in. They were our new neighbors," said Nathan Hess, who had squatters move in next door to his home near Valley View and Charleston boulevards. "They actually had blueprints and were kind of passing it off as they were officially there, they were supposed to be there."

The neighbors immediately did a few things: they reached out to 13 Action News and called Las Vegas Metropolitan Police and code enforcement. And the problem got fixed.

"I think the neighborhood kind of jumping in real quick and checking on it, and just being vigilant," said Hess.

Hess said the squatters showed up on a Tuesday and were gone with the house boarded up by Wednesday night.

Every email you send us winds up getting reported to the agency responsible for handling squatter cases in your area, and in this case, it solved the problem.