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Clark County Elections Department updates ballot count

124K+ ballots remain uncounted as of Friday evening
Posted at 9:47 AM, Nov 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-07 01:37:57-05

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The Clark County Election Department and Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria held a press conference on Friday to talk about the latest voting results and counting process in Clark County.

Gloria started Friday’s press conference by saying that he can’t answer questions about BallotTrax because the Secretary of State does that.

He said that he can help with voter services but information about whether or not a vote was posted won’t be released until after the canvass process is complete.

Gloria also said that the number he gave Thursday of votes to be counted — 51,000 — was incorrect. He says it was more like 30,000. Gloria says that the original count was based on “page number” not ballot number and as everyone knows, the ballot was very large for this election.

Gloria announced that results will now be released twice a day and the next round should be released around 4 p.m.

Gloria says they will start reviewing the approximately 60,000 provisional ballots starting Friday but they have to wait for the Secretary of State’s instructions to post them because the Secretary of State ensures the vote hasn’t been duplicated in another county.

Friday evening Nevada Elections shared an updated number of ballots, mostly in Clark County, totaling 124,500 remaining to be counted.

Gloria also said that “ID required” ballots are due today and they have added 241 mail ballots to the total of mail ballots that need to be counted. A final count of the mail-in ballots is expected on Sunday.

In response to a reporter’s question about the pressure to speed up the vote-counting process, Gloria said they are more concerned about the vote being accurate than fast.

In response to a question about a new federal lawsuit to stop usage of the Agilis ballot sorting machine, Gloria responded that if the lawsuit is successful,, that will slow down their ability to count the ballots and release results.

Judge rejects lawsuit in Nevada over voter fraud, verified signature issues

When asked about the Republican’s list of 3,000 “illegal votes” cited in their most recent federal lawsuit, Gloria said he has received the list and will look at it but it is not unusual for people who aren’t in the state such as military personnel to vote here.

Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford told ABC News that he believes the ballot count was going smoothly.

According to Gloria, about 300 people are involved in the counting process in Clark County. However, he was not able to say what hours they are currently working.