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Kidnapping suspect says it was misunderstanding

Posted at 7:09 PM, May 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-16 22:19:04-04
A North Las Vegas kidnapping that grabbed the attention of the valley may not have been a kidnapping at all.

Shaquille Pierce says he was with Amari Connor last week with the permission of the 5-year-old's mother.

Pierce was taken into custody but released after authorities said there wasn't enough evidence to hold him.
"I just want my life to continue but I can't live in peace knowing people are looking at me as a kidnapper or child molester," Pierce said.
He told 13 Action News he took Amari Wednesday afternoon and then his phone died.
Pierce says his bus pass expired too, so he couldn't just bring Connor home.
They went to Brittany Davis' house, a friend of Pierce's. She says Connor happily played with her children while she and Pierce tried to contact Monique, Connor's mother.
Pierce sent Monique a text message that said, "hey was letting you know we are getting something to eat call me when you can i'll wait."
On Thursday morning, Pierce says he spoke to Monique on the phone and they agreed to meet at Sam's Town.
When he showed up, he was swarmed with FBI officers.
"If I'm your friend, if you trust me with your kids, why would you think I would kidnap him?" Pierce said. "Seeing these kids, it's like, they have my heart."
Detectives say they still plan on filing charges against Pierce.