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Neighbors demand change at dangerous Providence intersection

Posted at 11:18 PM, Mar 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-11 14:16:21-04

Accidents, near misses and dogs hit by reckless drivers.

Neighbors along Dorell Lane and Shaumber Road on the northwest side are fed up. 

Neighbors tell us a man was walking his two dogs, crossing the intersection when a driver ran a stop sign hitting the dogs. One of them, Rufus, was injured so bad he had to be put down. 

"Being a dog owner I was furious," says neighbor, Kim Baggus. 

Another neighbor, Julie Burian, says, "Three dogs were actually hit in an intersection just a block over on the same day."

Residents are asking drivers to pay attention and stop. 

"It seems to be a raceway for the kids at night. You hear the drag racing," says Burian.

Dozens of residents and their four-legged friends gathered at Knickerbocker Park to "Walk for Rufus."

They're tired of people speeding and running the stop signs.

"We've had an elderly lady hit and had been in the hospital by somebody who blew through it. Another lady was walking her small children and was almost hit," says Baggus.

People use this crosswalk all the time to get to the park. On weekdays, kids going to and from school also cross this street.

After a series of accidents and close calls, residents want changes made.

Baggus says, "I don't even know if a stoplight would work. Maybe speed bumps? Something to slow people down from racing up and down those two streets."

But more than adding safety measures on the road, they would rather see change among drivers in the area.

"We want our neighborhood back. We want people to be responsible and to drive slowly not text, not be on their phones. Stop at the stop signs."

Neighbors tell 13 Action News they've already contacted police and local officials about their concerns, and they will continue to push for changes at this intersection.